Pleasant, efficient and outstanding value-for-money, this is why we are the carpenters you're looking for!

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Servizi Italiani

Pleasant, efficient and outstanding value-for-money, this is why we are the services you're looking for!


Why you should choose Servizi Italiani

We are an intermediary company that imports/exports both large consumption food products that high quality products . Our services are aimed at large-scale distribution, to hotels, restaurants and catering ervices. We also deal with machinery and technologies for food & beverage, providing information and support for the best technology to buy. Servizi Italiani for Hospitality researches and represents throughout the national territory, with passion, the excellence of authentic Italian food tradition. We also carry out consultancy activities for the planning and opening of new restaurants and for the re-engineering and strategic change of the reality of catering in order to improve the overall efficiency of the organization. We carry out menu activities engineering and training interventions for the staff, in collaboration with Academies of training. Our registered office is in the district4es of Savona – Ital.


Our company differentiates itself through the constant search for the best suppliers and we are able to
offer quality at the best price. We accompany our customers who ask us to visit the companies of the
producers and we collaborate with our customers' Quality Managers.
Our products or services have the Guarantee of Manufacturer and our suppliers are equipped with all
internationally required certifications (e.g. HACCP, Certificate of Quality, etc.).
We also offer an after-sales service by always remaining in direct contact with the Suppliers/ Manufacturers
and the final customer. Our type of customers is represented by both companies and individual
We are food marketing experts and are based in Liguria and work with companies of any size as long as
they operate in the production and processing market of food products, machinery and equipment In a
nutshell, we know which internal and external elements to leverage to ensure a marketing and clear, direct
and VALUE communication on what the company produces and wants to offer its customers.
Within Servizi Italiani for Hospitality there is a pragmatic corporate culture focused on results. We strongly
believe in customer care, support, proactivity and continuous support. This makes us responsible for our
every project and the results we get. We consider the relationship and the contact very precious with the
customer. For this reason we take care of every problem and guarantee in in any case creative and effective

We bring the Italian food lifestyle to the world,



it is the most recognized value of Italian food worldwide


Great brands and stories of Italian excellence rooted in the territory


Raw materials and products are checked and traced with visits to the companies


Nutritional improvement, clearer labels,


We bring the Italian food lifestyle to the world,


Quality Certifications

We look for and work only and exclusively with suppliers who have acquired quality certifications that attest to their commitment to high standards. These include certifications such as ISO 9001 for the quality management system and sector-specific certifications such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) to ensure food safety.

Customer Rating Results

We have obtained positive feedback and high ratings from our customers, which testifies to their satisfaction with our products and services. These results encourage us to continuously pursue excellence and further improve our offerings.

Strategic Partnerships

We have established strategic partnerships with trusted suppliers and globally recognized organizations in the food industry. These partnerships confirm our reputation for reliability and quality and allow us to offer our customers the best products from around the world.

ITALA trademark

we have created an ITALA trademark to be used both for products intended for export such as tomatoes and pasta, and to identify sales/catering points for fresh pasta. The trademark was registered at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office of the Ministry of Business and Mady in Italy.

Quality Certifications

We bring the Italian food lifestyle to the world,

In summary, our achievements and certifications reflect our commitment to excellence, quality, food safety, sustainability and customer satisfaction in international food trade.

excellence, quality, food
safety, sustainability and customer satisfaction in international food trade.

Company Culture:


Our culture is permeated by the goal of achieving excellence in everything we do. We constantly strive to exceed our customers; expectations by selecting the best food products and offering
high-quality services.


Guided by strong business ethics, we are committed to conducting our business in an ethical, transparent and responsible manner. Our integrity is the foundation of our relationships with customers, suppliers and the communities in which we operate.

Customer orientation

We put the needs and expectations of our customers at the center of our operations. We strive to deeply understand their needs and offer customized solutions that meet their requirements effectively and efficiently.


We are constantly looking for new ideas and solutions to improve our products and services. We foster an environment where innovation is encouraged and valued, constantly pushing the limits to stay at the forefront of the food industry.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

We recognize our role and responsibility in contributing to a better world. We are committed to operating sustainably, reducing the environmental impact of our activities and promoting the well being of the communities in which we operate.

Collaboration and Teamwork

We value the diversity of perspectives and skills within our team, promoting collaboration and teamwork. We believe that together we can achieve better results and address challenges more effectively.

Adaptability and Agility

We are aware that the international food market is constantly evolving and we
adapt promptly to changes and new challenges. We are agile in our decisions and actions, ready to react quickly to market needs.

Our culture and principles guide every aspect of what we do, from product sourcing to distribution, ensuring a hallmark of quality, trust and responsibility in everything we do.

Highly professional services providers from first steps of planning to finished work